Shared by one of the founding members of Black Students at Tuck (BSAT), we find recognition of efforts by BADA alumni have gained national recognition. As highlighted in an article by the Financial Times, a student-led Blackout with 300+ Tuck community members wearing all black in solidarity against police violence towards black people was one of a number of shows of resistance in the current oppressive and dampening sociopolitical climate sweeping the United States. 

On the 50th anniversary of our first Black Tuck graduate, I can only tell you that it was incredibly powerful to see this take hold at a place like Tuck. For Tuck, the moment represented an acknowledgement, or perhaps a realization, that we can all play a role in making progress, but that we are stronger together.
-Brian Cook, MBA Class of 2017

Ashley Cousins, Brian Cook, Dayne Jervis, Nicole Burns and Tim McDowell, all among Tuck’s graduating class of 2017, re-purposed and re-positioned the existing affinity group to form the BSAT. This was done in order to build stronger bonds within the Black community and share culture from the African Diaspora with the Tuck and broader Dartmouth community. 

Well done BSAT!