BADA is an important entry point for black alumni who may have complicated relationships with the College, says Adrienne (Tee) Lotson ’82, former vice president of BADA and president-elect of the Alumni Council.

’Without BADA, a lot of African American alumni would not be connected to Dartmouth. BADA allows us to anchor ourselves in Hanover,’ she says. ‘I wouldn’t be president of Alumni Council if not for BADA – and not just because I’m a BADA representative. BADA made it so crystal clear that there was a place for all of us at Dartmouth. They encouraged us to get involved with the larger college community and dream big – to know that you could take on a significant role. They nurtured an entire generation of alumni.’

— “Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association to Celebrate 45th Reunion,” by Rachel Hastings for Dartmouth Alumni, 9/13/17

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