Election Results are In!

It is with a happy heart that I present to you our excellent new BADA Executive Board!

We had a fantastic slate of candidates, and in the true spirit of “BADA love” all candidates for contested positions agreed to serve together. What strength we will have with so many teams!

Your new board, with some new faces and some old, of many decades, regions and level of study at Dartmouth reflects the diversity that is the black experience at Dartmouth!!

I am grateful that so many of you voted to show your support for this board, which I know will do great things. Congratulations to…

Karim D. Marshall ’03

Vice President:
Taheerah El-Amin ’98

Lauren S. Clark ’13

Heiyab Tessema ’04

Brian K. Saunders ’88

Karen Smith Nicolini ’91 and Joan Leslie ’12

Alumni Council Reps:
Crystal Crawford ’87 and Brandi Johnson ’01

BADA Boston:
Darneesh Johnson ’10 and Natalie Cantave ’16

BADA New York:
Kenneth Marable ’74

BADA Philly:
Damaris Walker ’09

Jonathan Lesesne ’08 and Brian P. Sylvester ’05

BADA Texas:
Robert R. Jones ’89

BADA Chicago:
Sabrina A. King ’80 and Johnathan Ball ’08

BADA Atlanta:
Shellon Blanchard-Clarke ’93

BADA San Francisco:
Sedrick Tydus ‘74

I am so grateful to all of you for stepping up (several for a second or third tour of duty!) and for the great willingness we had of people wishing to get involved. 

Being your president has been one of the greatest honors of my Dartmouth experience.  The love and support that so many of you have given me in this role and since the day arrived in Hanover is something I will never take for granted. The encouragement and support you have all shown me not only made this job doable, but made it a joy. I’d like to thank the people who worked so hard with me the last four years to make this so unforgettable.  Your commitment to the huge amount of work we did is appreciated deeply:

Al Forbes, Tiffany Harper, Heiyab Tessema, Adrienne (Tee) Lotson, Brandi Johnson, Charles Bay, Cleo Robertson, Bernard V. Thompson, III, Mary Tate, Ngozi Udeh , Teni Ayo-Ariyo, Ben Moynihan, Karim D. Marshall, Robert R. Jones, Darrayl Cummings, Damarais Walker, Simon Trabelsi, Jacqueline Francis ’85, Maria Cole ’85, Nikkita McPherson  Micah Dortch and Tiffany Showell.

And with that, I am signing off as your president! 

BADA Love,
Leah Threatte ’01

BADA (Past) President