The Black Lives Matter National Network released a statement of solidarity with the people in Flint, MI who are suffering from the man-made water crisis plaguing the city. For a quick understanding of how the people of Flint were deceived and forced into this disaster situation, read up on the background information here and pending Senate hearing.

For nearly a year, Governor Snyder and other state and city officials sat idly by as the people of Flint were poisoned. A man-made disaster, the water crisis is an explicit and egregious form of state violence, one that impacts low-income Black people hardest. Flint is more than 50 percent black. More than 40 percent of the residents in the Vehicle City are living below the poverty line – making it the second most impoverished city of its size in the nation.

The right to clean drinking water is a matter of health and dignity, and for many Black residents in Flint, it is also a matter of life and death. Residents living with autoimmune disorders like lupus and HIV are at especially high risk. Additionally, pregnant people, elders, and children are all exceptionally susceptible to lead poisoning – the most critical concern for Flint residents who rely on tap water for drinking.

If you would like to donate to pressing needs of these fellow Americans, please do so at this link provided by BLM.