“Friday night, in a league whose business is Americana, Colin Kaepernick took a stand rarely seen in pro sports. It wasn’t from his seat on the sideline, where he paid no regard for the national anthem in its favorite game. It was after — when Steve Wyche of the NFL Network asked why he sat while others stood. Kaepernick was strident, unflinching and unapologetic. When reporters surrounded his locker Sunday for more, he gave it to them.”

This excerpt is from a piece by writer Bomani Jones (Twitter), ESPN talk show host/personality, who takes an intimate look at the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance controversy started by NFL Quaterback Colin Kaepernick and continued by other NFL players. Colin Kaepernick was direct in his messaging: “the U.S oppresses black people and its law enforcement officers kill black people with impunity — often receiving pats on the back for doing so.” He was not the first athlete to state this belief, but he was the one to do so in such a way that demanded justice and not peace.

Follow the link for more by Bomani Jones on the impact this should and maybe will have.

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